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Members of the Legal  Community and Title Insurance Industry who wish to Maximize the Benefits of their Title Insurance Coverage can visit this site to obtain Endorsement Forms and other useful information for use in real estate transactions.  Links to real property and title insurance related sites are provided.
The publications link  comprises the whole of the "TLA Law of Titles" series as it applies to the "title insurance underwriting process".  The 6th edition  of the Title Insurance Underwriting Principles and Exception Language together with the new and revised education link, title claims litigation index link, principles link, endorsement link ,  reinsurance link, principle briefs and legal resources, reference library and all additionally provided supplementary links comprise the series.  This series  is a one of a kind resource designed for quick and easy reference. Anyone who is in need of understanding  the whole process should have the series in their library.

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Elder Law
What is Elder Law?

(This file is in .pdf format and will require Acrobat Reader to view)

Ed. Note: Elder Law is a new and growing legal specialty. Although attorneys have been asked to prepare wills and trusts for many years, Elder Law attorneys focus on the older person’s quality of life rather than just on their money. An Elder Law attorney frequently helps the elderly client and/or their caregivers choose among various long-term care options based on the client’s goals, health and financial resources. For example, the attorney may develop a plan for the client which allows him or her to qualify for governmental benefits while still leaving an inheritance for heirs. Or, the attorney may develop a financial plan which maximizes the amount of a couple’s life savings that one spouse can retain after the other spouse has to enter a nursing home. There’s many traps for the unwary both within the law and from unscrupulous predators who target the elderly. But there’s also opportunities for the early planner if they are guided by someone who can navigate the maze of rules.

Michael J. Repak is an attorney who practices Elder Care Law. His bio. Appears below. Periodically he e-mails associates, clients and friends timely Elder Law related issues entitled News from The Law Offices of Michael J. Repak. He also publishes ElderLaw News. ElderLaw News is a free resource on Elder Law presented in a monthly e-newsletter format that brings you reports of legal developments and other trends of vital interest to seniors and their advocates. This newsletter is sponsored by The Law Offices of Michael J. Repak. If you would like to review Mr. Repak's August 2005 ElderLaw News click here. The current issue discusses how Proposed Medicaid Transfer Changes Will Hurt The Elderly An Attorney Tells Senate Committee; Bank Agrees to Refund Money to Elderly Buyers of Variable Annuities; BOOK REVIEW: The Failure of Long-Term Care . Mr. Repak may be reach by phone at (215) 968-3499.

To go to Mr. Repak's Elder Care web site click here on .


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